T25 Clean Eating Meal Plan and Progress Update

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Fit is not a desitination, it's a way of life
I'm going to be honest. The first week and probably a half, I was questioning whether T25 was going to be the program for me. It is always hard to adjust to a new program. Especially when you are doing something like PiYo and switch to a style like T25. I often tell my challengers that they need to give a program a week or two to really settle in, adjust and find your groove. That is true for me as well. I know if I stick it out, I will adjust and quickly be saying how much I love it. :) That epiphany happened for me Friday morning. Shaun T was kicking my butt on double day with lower focus and I thought...I am going to make it through the whole thing without having to stop and curse him! LOL! We just have to keep pushing. I know it is hard. I know it hurts. No one is watching so you could stop...but YOU know. You are only hurting yourself. You have to make that decision not to give up. If you have to modify, fine! At least you are still moving and guess what, one day you will surprise yourself and suddenly you won't need to modify anymore! I have learned how strong I really am from pushing through my struggles. You can do it too!

So I'm really looking forward to this next week with my renewed vigor and dedication. As I head into week 3 I know it is just going to keep getting better and I will keep getting stronger. That's not to say I won't throw a curse or two Shaun's way. ;)

Along with my workouts, I will be traveling out of state to visit a friend and we are doing a 10k together. I'm a little nervous about the distance (10k = 6.2 miles). My running has been lack luster lately to say the least, but considering my training usually occurs on very hilly routes and this race is generally flat, I'm hoping that works to my advantage. I was supposed to run 5 miles this weekend, but the weather got in the way. I'm going to miss the family, but I'm really looking forward to getting away and seeing my friend. Nutrition is a slight concern for me, but I am just going to do my best and forget the rest! I will be taking my Shakeology and planning my snacks and dinner for Friday night. The rest of the time I will wing it and probably plan a treat meal for Saturday after the run. My view is that this is a lifestyle change. It isn’t a diet that I am going to do for a few months and then go back to my old ways. So I need to adjust it to work in a way for me that I can maintain. That means I try to eat clean 80 percent of the time and 20 percent consists of a treat meal or life events that come up. As long as your main focus is staying on track and you don’t let a treat meal turn into a treat weekend (every weekend) or month or year, you can still see results. :)

So here is my plan for the week:

T25 Clean Eating Meal Plan
T25 Clean Eating Meal Plan
Recipes: Quinoa Black Bean Burgers - Sesame Chicken - Sloppy Joes
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Since I'm posting a little late and I was out of town this weekend, I didn't add my food from today.  Honestly, it was mostly a hodge podge type of Sunday eating. :)

Also there is something I was thinking about as I worked through last week’s meal plan that I wanted to share. I realized while making dinners last week and dealing with ‘life events’, that I didn’t have the best variety of dinners. Meaning I didn’t have a good variety of quick and easy ones along with ones that take a little more effort. I try to make all of my meals relatively simple, but some do require more time than others. So a tip for you is that when you plan your meals, make sure that you have a good variety. So when something comes up in the middle of the week or you even just have a day where you don’t want what you planned, you can easily switch out your meal and you know you will have what you need to make something else.

Make it a great week!

-Tina Jordan
Emerald Team Beachbody Coach

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