Tantrums About Nutrition & Week 3 Body Beast Vegetarian Meal Plan

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I know. I'm late. I usually post my progress and meal plans on Sundays in hopes that maybe it helps you with ideas for your own planning. And now it's Tuesday. Here's the deal...I hate counting calories. HATE IT. If you have followed me for long, you may have seen me express this before when talking about 21 Day Fix and thought it was just fluff f or that post. First of all...I never fluff. :P I'm always brutally honest to a fault (and sometimes to my friends' dismay! haha). Second, it's true. MyFitnessPal is an awesome app that you can get for your phone. They make everything easier by having access to their huge database and you can import recipes. It should make it so convenient right? I still hate it. For me, there is something about having to figure out every single macro that makes me insane! As in ready to curl up in a corner and just order a pizza and forget about it insane! Case in point...my meal plan for the past two weeks has taken me HOURS to do. HOURS! Ain't nobody got time for that! 

Awesome family time moments. - www.ahealthyresolve.comIf this is your first time reading (thanks for visiting ;) ), I have been working through the Body Beast program for the past couple of weeks with my husband (and sometimes the boys!). I LOVE the workouts. All of the lifting makes me feel so strong! I love that I'm getting stronger. I don't love that I have to track the calories the way I do for the nutrition plan. So here's the thing, I'm not going to do it anymore. Not every plan works great for every person. We are all different. We all have our own quirks. So I will be pairing the 21 Day Fix EXTREME meal plan/containers with the Body Beast workouts. I will still calculate the calorie range based on the Body Beast plan and then use the corresponding bucket from 21 Day Fix EXTREME nutrition. Counting calories I hate, loathe, detest...have I gotten my point across yet? LOL! Counting colored containers I can do. It is so much less time consuming and realistic for my lifestyle. Because here's the thing, if my meal planning takes me several hours on two different days, I will just stop planning. I will let my nutrition sit back burner and I will get NO results. I know that nutrition is 70% of where your results come from. It's so important! It's just as important to find a method that works for you. So there you have it. My plan! This week doesn't show where the containers are but next week you will start seeing the multi-colored meal plans again. :) 

Alright...my little tantrum is over. If you are still with me, thank you! So this week we switch over from the build phase of Body Beast to Bulk. I'm looking forward to changing up the workouts. Also, with our Cancun countdown ON like Donkey Kong, we are working super hard to stay on track and adding in some additional ab workouts. Steve is really close to having a full six pack. I'm just looking to continue working away at my midsection as well. We are also increasing our intensity on cardio days to get ready for those awesome trainer-led workouts in Cancun! I wouldn't want to pass out in front of 2,000 of my closest Beachbody friends. ;) I'm so grateful for this coaching opportunity. It has allowed me not only to help others with their journey, it has also giving me financial freedom AND the free trips are a bonus as well!!

Cancun Success Club Trip 2015 - www.ahealthyresolve.com

Here is the meal plan that is under way this week along with our schedule of workouts. It's a busy week so staying on track with nutrition depends on my prepping what I can ahead of time.

Body Beast Week 3 Vegetarian Clean Eating Meal Plan - www.ahealthyresolve.com
Body Beast Vegetarian Meal Plan
Recipes: Quinoa Black Bean & Corn Tacos - Black Bean Burgers
More Clean Eating Recipes

I have also been inspired to start teaching my almost 7 year old to start cooking. My husband is (admittedly) a disgrace in the kitchen. He can make spaghetti and boil water and that is about it. So I am determined to make sure that my boys don't suffer the same culinary fate! PLUS it is so fun to cook with him and get that quality one-on-one time. He really enjoyed it and so did I!

Mommy's Big Helper

Also coming up with is week is my LIVE INFORMATIONAL SESSION where I will be discussing what it means to be a Team Beachbody coach. Those listening will have the opportunity to ask me questions live, hear my story and learn more about the business. If you have ever considered making fitness your business, love helping others, want to make a little extra money or even replace your full time income, I encourage you to join me on Thursday, March 26th at 9PM EST. My new coach training will begin  on Monday, April 6th so now is the perfect time to get started!

What is a Team Beachbody Coach Live Informational Session - www.ahealthyresolve.com
View through YouTube: https://youtu.be/O_957DGfdw0
View through Google+ (Q&A feature is here): https://plus.google.com/events/cqkna4dg37t9mjqhhbve2ekn2pg

I think that is all I have for this week. I have been on point with my nutrition so far this week so it has started on a positive note! Remember...we are going for progress not perfection! Have a great week!

-Tina Jordan
Team Beachbody Coach

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