Weekly Vegetarian Clean Eating Meal Plan & The Struggle

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I have a couple of confessions to start off this post.

Confession #1: I haven't done a real meal plan in 2 weeks. Yep. 2 weeks I have fallen off of the wagon with planning and it shows! We haven't derailed horribly with our nutrition, but we haven't been eating enough for sure. Especially since starting our newest program. Fail to plan and you plan to fail! It really is true!

Confession #2: I complained the entire time I was working on this week's meal plan and it took me much longer than usual. We have been moving towards a vegetarian lifestyle. Personally, I have never really liked the taste nor the idea of animal protein and honestly I was tired of fighting with myself over food. I would either have to gag down whatever I was eating, I would not eat all of the food I should have because I couldn't gag it down OR even worse...I would say just forget it and we would order take-out from somewhere because I didn't even want to deal with it! I'm keeping it real here. This has been a majority of my food struggle over my adult life. My husband doesn't really care how we eat so he is on board with this new plan. The challenge with eating this way is making sure that you are properly balancing your macros (carbs, fat, protein). This is where it gets tough. This is where I'm struggling somewhat, but I will figure it out! And I plan on sharing with you along the way so that if you too struggle with this, hopefully you will benefit from my struggle! :)

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So if you have been following me on social media, you may have seen that the hubs and I have started a new program called Body Beast. I let him chose this time because I have chosen the past two programs and this is what he wanted. I'll be honest...I really like lifting weights. I have considered this program a couple of times but I don't know that I would have picked it myself. All of that said, I am really starting to like it. I like that feeling of strength when you are done and the sore (MAN OH MAN have we been sore!) muscles. So I think it is going to be a good change for me. (I planned on posting my before pictures but I can't find the cable for my camera. :P Next week I will post them.) I am really interested in seeing the change that occurs with my body over this program. Now my focus just has to be on the proper nutrition to make it work!

I spent quite a bit of time planning our food for this week. I tracked each meal and tried to make correct ratios. I found the meal plan with Body Beast to be difficult for a vegetarian to follow, so I am using iifym.com. This is a website that helps you to determine what your carb/fat/protein intake should be each day. I will try this for a couple of weeks and once I adjust I may try to incorporate it into the Body Beast plan.

My main goal is NOT to make nutrition too complicated. I will not allow myself to over think it. When it gets too stressful, I get frustrated and want to give it up. Do you have that problem? Our biggest focus is continuing to eat clean and making sure that we are eating enough calories to properly fuel our bodies! So here is this week's plan:

Body Beast Vegetarian Clean Eating Meal Plan
Recipes: Apple Pie Oatmeal - Quinoa Bites - Cauliflower Pizza
More Clean Eating Recipes

I'm looking forward to trying some new recipes this week. I will absolutely share what we like with you. This journey is a process. I am constantly learning and growing! :)

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Hot Yoga = Sweaty Mess!! :)

Speaking of...I've also started doing hot yoga. I have a friend that wanted to try it. Honestly, I didn't think I would like it. I sweat like crazy without being in a 100 degree room! LOL! Much to my surprise I found that I loved it! I have done 2 classes so far and I love the way I feel when I'm done. Last week my back was really bothering me, but after my class it felt much better. I think it is going to be really good for me in loosening up my back and legs. They have never been quite the same since my surgery.

Also coming up this week is my newest accountability group! I'm stoked for these ladies to get started! Summer is coming (YAY!). I can remember many-a-years where I would come out from under my sweatshirts and sweaters from winter and feel disgusted. I got too comfortable. I ate 'all-the-food' over the winter and would want to hide. Have you felt like that? Do you feel like that? Are you looking for a kick start to your healthier lifestyle?! It's not too late to join us! Fill out the application below and I will be in touch to discuss the details.

You have a brand new week ahead of you to slay dragons, achieve goals, sweat more, gripe less and ditch the fear! Go!! - www.ahealthyresolve.com

I'm ready for this week. I'm more prepared than I have been in a while and it feels GOOD! Here's to a great week!!!

- Tina Jordan
Team Beachbody Coach

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