Food Addicition and Meal Planning

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There are not enough hours in the day to entertain all of the ideas in my head.Does it ever feel like there just aren't enough hours in the day? I tell you what...I feel like I have been running 15 different directions at once! LOL I apologize for being so absent here. I am quite active on social media, so feel free to follow me there as well! what has been going on the past week? I started reading a book called The Hunger Fix. If you have been following me for long, you know that nutrition continues to be a struggle for me. It is so frustrating...almost maddening that I haven't been able to get it under control. Why do I KNOW what I need to do but it almost feels like I have no control over it! Then I started reading this book and it is like a light bulb went off for me. Now, I know that there may be someone reading this thinking food addiction isn't a real thing, but I assure you it is. And science has begun to prove it! I have always said that I am an emotional eater, but I don't think I truly understood that it truly is similar to a drug addiction. It is that 'false fix' as she calls it in the book. It is that thing we use for temporary comfort. When I'm bored, sad, stressed, or even is always involved. And many times, it is involuntary.  It's a horrible feeling really. And it is SO incredibly embarrassing to share right now. I'm a grown woman who helps others every single day to eat better and reach their own health goals and yet I, myself am still a mess. But what really matters is that I am trying to do something about it. This book has some great techniques to change your habits and increase the number of receptors in your brain. It helps you to gain control again. So I hope that you will follow my journey as I go through the steps of the book and try to gain control of my addictions. I pray that this will be the information that I needed to get on track. Just as much for myself as for my clients who need the same kind of help!

I want to change more than I want to stay the same.

The Hunger Fix & Insanity Max30 Clean Eating Meal Plan

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Love Long Weekends
Doesn’t it always seem like the more days you have off over the weekend, the faster it goes? I’m so blessed that I get to be home every day and work my business when I want, but I am always sad when my hubby has to go back to work. I just love being with my family!

Anyway, a new week means new plans and a new chance to get it right. Every week my focus is always just to strive for progress, not perfection. My workouts have been awesome. I really feel like I’m making some great progress in my strength and my longer max out time. I have one more week of the first month. My nutrition however continues to be a battle. And because of this, I know that my results are not what I want them to be. That said, I WILL still post my day 1 & day 30 progress pictures.

I often find myself wondering what is wrong with me. Why is it so difficult just to eat what I know I need to eat to get the results that I want? This is something that is so difficult for me to talk about. It’s embarrassing. Why does food have so much control? Why can’t I just make the change and get the results. Recently I listened to a podcast that talked about the book The Hunger Fix and things like food addiction. I felt like they were talking to me. There are certain emotions etc. attached to certain foods that almost make it an uncontrollable response. No matter how hard I try, I keep going back to the same habits. The Beachbody programs are fantastic. They WORK. I have seen them work. But if you aren’t able to follow them, especially when it comes to the nutrition part, then you aren’t going to get the results that you want. So this is me…painfully admitting….that I’m still struggling. But every day I am getting up and trying again. I ordered the audio book for the Hunger Fix and I also ordered the hard copy. I am hoping that there will be some great tips in it to help me break the cycle. And don’t worry, I will be sure to pass along anything that is working for me! :)

Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction, ends up being the biggest step of your life. Tip toe if you must, but take the step.

High Five for Friday

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Yikes! Where did this week go? I have not abandoned you. :) Life has just been crazy with end of school activities and baseball season. I have to say though...I LOVE IT! I haven't done a High Five for Friday post in a while, so I thought I would do one today to catch up on what has been going on!

1. I just wrapped up my 3rd week of Insanity Max30. I can't believe that I am almost through the first month. I have been working hard on my push-ups and every day I feel stronger! They still aren't pretty but they are getting there! :) Admittedly, I have NOT been good about meal planning and it has definitely been affecting my food choices but I WILL be doing one this weekend AND posting it so stay tuned! 

One Day Closer One Day Stronger

2. Baseball season is in full swing for my oldest and he LOVES it! He says he will never play another sport. :P I'm so proud of him! He is doing awesome and even got the game ball for a great game he had last week!

My baseball All Star with is game ball!

3. My baby boy finished up his last day of 3 year old preschool this week. (insert sob) He only has one more year left until he is in Kindergarten. WHY must time go so fast?! Wasn't I just delivering him?!

Do More of What Makes You Happy

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In the past, this time of year has always been a cause of stress for me. We are coming out of the winter...or as I like to word it 'The season of sweatpants and bulky sweaters' to the season of what feels like barely there clothing. This is when I would always start kicking myself for not getting healthier over winter and for giving in to all of the comfort food.  It's easy when it is January, cold outside, and you are snuggled under a blanket to think 'I have plenty of time to get going'. And then you blink and here we are preparing for swimsuits and shorts!

Now really...I'm a mom of two little boys.  I don't care about being 'bikini ready', but I DO care about feeling comfortable in my own skin. I do care about whether or not I feel like I want to hide versus getting out and enjoying life with my family.  That has always been the struggle for me. I have actually missed out on important events because I was embarrassed with how I looked. I DO care about how I feel on the inside.

Can you relate?  Have you been there too?  I still deal with these mind games to some extent. I am still working on my body, but I have come so far from where I started.  I give so much of the credit for my mindset now to finding my coach and Beachbody. It may sound cheesy but they truly have saved me from myself.  Not only was I at a point where depression had taken over, I was also the heaviest and most unhealthy I had ever been IN MY LIFE. I was on a fast downward spiral and I didn't see a way out.

Embrace the Struggle - Transformation Tuesday

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The start of my journey came at a time when I had reached my lowest point. I may have been smiling on the outside, but I was dying on the inside.

Here I was with this beautiful family and so much to be thankful for and yet I was bitter. I was angry that my body had failed me.I was angry that I was in my 30s and having major back surgery. I looked in the mirror each day and was unable to recognize the person staring back at me.
This journey...this is so much more than what you see on the outside. The REAL journey is the growth and change on the inside. When you start to find your confidence again. When you realize that you are stronger than you ever thought possible. When you can look in the mirror and be PROUD of the reflection staring back at you. 

My journey is far from over. But I know that I was brought through this season of my life for a reason. Because of my struggle, I have learned my strength. Because of my struggle, I have found my calling to help others through theirs and actually truly UNDERSTAND what they are going through.

If you are reading this and shaking your head 'Yes'. Know that you are not alone. Don't give up! Know that you are stronger than you realize! If I can do this, you can too! If you need support, reach out to me and I will do what I can to help you!

I know that I will never give up. I will embrace the journey, no matter how hard it gets because I know that I can do this. I know that I can make a difference with my story and my mission!

- Tina

Changing it up - Transitioning from Body Beast to Insanity Max30

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I will miss my workout buddy. Life has been CRAZY around here! We have had two birthdays in the past 6 weeks, our Mexico trip, spring sports starting, the kids' marathon and my AWESOME accountability groups that are kicking butt. It has been fun but there are not enough hours in the day sometimes. :) One thing that has remained constant as always are my workouts. However...I'm going to be totally honest...I've kind of gotten a little bored with Body Beast. I like lifting weights, but I miss the mixture with cardio and weights. I know...I can't believe I just said I missed cardio either! LOL! I always tell my clients that they need to be doing something that they like to do (as much as anyone 'likes' to workout) or they won't be able to stay consistent. That is the point I was getting to. I was really struggling to get myself up to go downstairs and do a workout that I wasn't thrilled about. So last weekend after talking with my husband, the decision was was time to switch things up.

For me this is more than just switching up my workout. You may be thinking 'Big deal?!'. But I hate quitting anything. It just drives me nuts, but I also know that I won't be happy for the next 5 weeks if I keep doing it. An even bigger issue for me is that I have LOVED working out with my husband. It is such great quality time together that we get in the mornings. It makes me sad that we won't be doing that anymore because he is planning on finishing Body Beast and starting another round. But I know this is the best decision for both of us. So here we go. :)

This little cutie makes workouts extra fun when I get a late start!All of that to say...if you haven't already noticed through social media...I am starting another round ofInsanity Max30. I really went back and forth between that and P90X3. I love both programs, but really it came down to timing. We are heading to Summit in Nashville in July and I don't have enough time to do a full round of P90X3 before I go. So Insanity Max30 it is! :) I do really like this program. The cardio is so challenging but it is also awesome for building strength and I don't need any equipment. Bonus!

10 Tips for Staying Healthy on the Weekends

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10 Tips for Staying Healthy on the Weekends -
The weekend is coming. Along with that comes warmer weather, cookouts, campfires, and fun with friends and family. It may also mean eating 'ALL THE FOOD'. Haha! Right? There are so many goodies to be had over the weekends and let's not even get into the beverages. How can you stay on track? Here are my top 10 tips for staying on track over the weekend.

1. Don't skip your workout.

When you know that your nutrition may not be as on track, skipping your workout is the last thing you should do. I know that the weekend schedule may be busy. I get up earlier when I know I am going to have a hard time fitting it in so that I have NO EXCUSES! If I have time, I will even try to do a little bit more than I typically have time for during the week. Maybe it is a scheduled rest day, but that doesn't mean that you can't do any activity. Go for a walk, bike ride, or play Just Dance on the Wii with your family. :P Whatever! Just get moving! Active rest is great recovery for your body!

2. Eat like you do during the week.

Schedules change on the weekends and I know it becomes more difficult to make sure that you are eating when and how you should, but it is so important. I know for me, I can easily miss meals on the weekends because we are so busy. So I still plan my food, pack it and take it with me if we aren't going to be home. This helps keep me from becoming too hungry and stuffing my face with whatever is closest! Haha!

3. Eat before you eat.

Ok. So you have a party, cookout, whatever. You know that there will be food there but you may not have control over how it fits into your lifestyle. Eat ahead of time! An apple with peanut butter, cottage cheese and fruit, or any other typical snack that you would have during the week. The last thing you want to do is go to a party hungry. It makes it really hard to maintain your will power!