Do More of What Makes You Happy

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In the past, this time of year has always been a cause of stress for me. We are coming out of the winter...or as I like to word it 'The season of sweatpants and bulky sweaters' to the season of what feels like barely there clothing. This is when I would always start kicking myself for not getting healthier over winter and for giving in to all of the comfort food.  It's easy when it is January, cold outside, and you are snuggled under a blanket to think 'I have plenty of time to get going'. And then you blink and here we are preparing for swimsuits and shorts!

Now really...I'm a mom of two little boys.  I don't care about being 'bikini ready', but I DO care about feeling comfortable in my own skin. I do care about whether or not I feel like I want to hide versus getting out and enjoying life with my family.  That has always been the struggle for me. I have actually missed out on important events because I was embarrassed with how I looked. I DO care about how I feel on the inside.

Can you relate?  Have you been there too?  I still deal with these mind games to some extent. I am still working on my body, but I have come so far from where I started.  I give so much of the credit for my mindset now to finding my coach and Beachbody. It may sound cheesy but they truly have saved me from myself.  Not only was I at a point where depression had taken over, I was also the heaviest and most unhealthy I had ever been IN MY LIFE. I was on a fast downward spiral and I didn't see a way out.

Then my coach reached out to me. I joined on of her accountability groups and realized that I wasn't alone. Here were all of these women, just like me just trying to make it through each day and get a little better.  The positivity and support was infectious!  THIS is when it all changed for me. THIS is when I decided that enough was enough and I started to take charge of my health again. 

The life changing experience that I had in that group made me want to pay it forward to others and that is why I am reaching out to you right now. If you are finding yourself ready to make a change, ready to get healthy, ready to shed the winter pounds or baby weight or even that cloak of depression like I was that is holding you down, I would love for you to join my next accountability group.

These groups are more than just 'did you do your workout?' posts. It is a place for support from others who are feeling JUST LIKE YOU. It is a place where you can learn how to make healthy living part of your lifestyle WITHOUT feeling deprived. It is a place where you can find your confidence and learn to love yourself again. There is no shame in taking time to take care of yourself. By doing so you are transforming from the inside and becoming happier and healthier.

If you are ready to get started, fill out my application below and let's talk about your goals. Don't wait any longer to start the rest of your life! Let me support you and we can do this together!

- Tina

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