CIZE - The end of Exercise Coming Soon - Get a Sneak Peek!!

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Find out how to get a sneak peek of this new program!

I am so pumped about this program that I can barely contain myself!! I danced for most of my high school career. I still love to dance. And Shaun T has heard our cries and created this awesome new program called CIZE!  Seriously guys, it is SO FUN! I tried a sneak peek workout of it this morning and I was sad when it was over! How fun does this look?!

You guys may think I'm being dramatic but I had so much fun this morning doing this program. And for those of you who think it wouldn't be a very good workout??

Get your own sneak peek of the new CIZE workout!! Contact me to find out how!

 Check out my wet hair! LOL! I think it is proof enough!

Can you see how much fun it was just written all over my face?

What is Cize and Who is it for?

Cize is for anyone who wants to get into shape, have fun and even learn to dance. You won't even realize that you are getting a great cardio workout until you are done and dripping sweat! :) In the  four week program, Shaun breaks down the moves step-by-step and then builds it up to a full dance sequence in 35-40 mins.  The music is fun and energizing to keep you engaged and moving!

Meal Plan

The meal plan uses portion control (think portion control containers from 21 Day Fix) that makes staying on track simple and easy!

When is it Available?

It will be released in July 2015 and you will be able to purchase through a Team Beachbody coach (like ME)! Stay tuned to this blog or follow me on social media (Facebook/Instagram/etc) to stay up-to-date on details of the release!

How Can YOU Get Your Own Sneak Peek?

Fill out my form below and I will be sure to keep you 'in the know' with what is new and coming with CIZE!  I will also let you know you YOU can try out a sneak peek of this workout also!

And keep your eyes open because I will also have a CIZE accountability group coming as well!!

Who is ready to get funky?! :)

- Tina

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