2015 Team Beachbody Coach Summit - Nashville

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As promised, I wanted to do a recap of our amazing Coach Summit in Nashville! I'm still so sad that it is over. It is THE event to attend when it comes to this business. It is the one time of year, when the entire network of coaches get together to celebrate, attend trainings and learn from each other. With coaches all over the country, it is also a time when everyone within our own team gets the chance to actually get together in person and have a great time!

We decided to caravan to Nashville. While a flight would have been faster than the 8 hour drive, who doesn't love a road trip with friends? :) Plus it meant we didn't have to be as restricted with our packing!  And we LOVE shopping at the Beachbody store so we knew we would need the space. Haha

Nashville Here We Come!

And then the shenanigans began. LOL!  I have never laughed so much on a car ride!  These fun peeps make 8 hours in a car so much more fun!

Road Trip Fun
Road Trip Laughs
Once we got to Nashville, we all split up to get checked in, stretch our legs and get cleaned up. We packed a bunch of healthy food so that we wouldn't have to eat out for every meal.  And of course that includes our daily Shakeology!

I was so excited to check a visit to the Grand Ole Opry off my bucket list! It is a must do in Nashville right?!

Visit to the Grand Ole Opry

We went down a couple of days early so that we had time to take in the city and hang out. So Wednesday was a free day. Amber and I decided to walk around the city and check things out. To say it was hot would be an understatement! Haha But we had fun as you can see!

Nashville Tourists

Wednesday night we had a team party where we all got to hang out and have many laughs! I love these guys! It truly feels like we have known each other forever and are like family.

Thursday is when the festivities begin! First up is shopping in what is call Core. This is where we get to buy all different kinds of wear-and-share clothing and be the first to get our hands on new products like the new Cize program, Autumn's new Fixate cookbook and the new Beachbody Performance Line!!!
I always go a little overboard. LOL
Thursday night we had our opening ceremony.  There were so many of us there (25,000+) that Beachbody had to rent Nissan Stadium (where the Tennessee Titans play football). The show opened with our CEO and other executives playing in a band. They never cease to entertain! Haha Then we learned about new products being released like the Beachbody performance line, Shakeology Boosts and the Hammer & Chisel program that I'm SUPER excited about that will be released in December!

Fun times! Let's get this party sgtarted!

Friday and Saturday are full days. We were able to listen to some amazing speakers and get training from some of the top coaches in the company.  And we get to workout with the trainers!!  Friday morning I got to workout with Shaun T. There is nothing like working out with him in person!!

Working out with Shaun T

Our Saturday morning workout is my FAVORITE!  We shut down Broadway Street in Nashville to do our Super Workout! 10 blocks of coaches working out with all of the trainers! There is nothing like it!

Super Workout - Summit 2015 Nashville

Saturday night, we wrapped up Summit with the Celebration party. We were back at Nissan Stadium and I'm not going to lie..it was HOT but the show was amazing as always. We got to watch the as two 100,000 Beachbody challenge winners were chosen. What an emotional and amazing thing to hear how these people's lives have been changed by this AMAZING company Beachbody and the support of their coaches.

And of course in true Beachbody style, the night was wrapped up by some of the best fireworks I've ever seen!!  This just half of the finale. Incredible!

Wow. Looking back on the week I am still in awe of how I have been so blessed to be part of such an amazing mission. Listening to the stories of lives that have been changed not just physically, but emotionally, financially, spiritually. It truly makes me feel proud to be part of this company! I already can't wait until next year!  Who will be joining me?!

- Tina Jordan
Team Beachbody Coach

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