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What is a Challenge Group?

In my opinion, challenge groups are the secret sauce to success!  I use private Facebook groups to put together a group of people who are all doing the same fitness program.  You are able to work through struggles and celebrate triumphs together!  It is an awesome way to get extra support, motivation and accountability while feeling like you are not alone on this journey.  Many great success stories have come from these groups!

Each month, I have several different 30/60/90 day fitness challenge groups.  In fitness challenge pack you receive:
  • Fitness Program of your choice
  • Custom meal plan
  • First 30 days of Shakeology 
  • Private Facebook Accountabily/Challenge Group
  • Eligibility to win $500-$100,000 through the Beachbody Challenge

And as always when you sign up for your FREE Beachbody account with me as your coach, you get free coaching and support from me!

Do you already have a Beachbody fitness program laying around that you want to try? Great!  Contact me and we will get you started!  Are you unsure of where to start? I can help you with that too!

Please fill out the form below and I will be in touch to let you know how you can be part of one of my challenge groups!

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